Distilled Water

100 % Steam Triple Distilled Water

100 % Steam Triple Distilled Water


AQUA ONE 100% Steam  Triple Distilled Water

 AQUA ONE processing Distilled Water on state-of-the-art  purification and Custom Designed distillation system to make unmatched high quality which is super passed WHO NSF and ANSI standards.

AQUA ONE Triple Distilled Water Electrical Resistivity 

Total Dissolved Solids   0

Power of Hydrogen (pH) 4

Electrical Conductivity 0.05 µS/cm at 25oC,

Ordinary distilled water has a conductivity of about 10 x 10-6 W-1*m-1 (20 dS/m).

AQUA ONE Triple Distilled Water Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the vapor into a clean Stainless Steel or Glass Tanks

This distillation Process Monitored  throughout  by certify and qualified personals. This procurer repeated many times until targeted quality achieved.

The impurities that are found in water to give it its particular taste as well as causing such effects as hardness, caused by the presence of calcium or magnesium, color, which is caused by the presence of iron in the water, going as far as possible poisoning caused by high concentrations of arsenic in the water or even radioactivity caused by the presence of radium.

Apart from these natural impurities that can gradually dissolve into water from its natural surroundings. There are also a number of forms of man-made contamination that can find their way into water. The most common are fertilizers and pesticides that can flow into water through overuse by the agricultural industry as well as toxic wastes and heavy metals from heavy industry.

On certain occasions, human effluent can leak into water systems through a fault in a sewage disposal system, However, and very thankfully, these occasions are few and far between.

The most common mineral impurities found in tap water are:

  • Aluminum - Leached from the soil
  • Arsenic - Leached from the soil
  • Calcium - Leached from the soil
  • Chlorine - Added as a disinfectant
  • Copper - Leached from pipe
  • Fluoride - Sometimes added for dental health
  • Lead - Leached from underground pipe
  • Nitrates - Leached from the soil
  • Phosphates - Leached from the soil/Agriculture
  • Radium - From the breakdown of Radium-containing rocks
  • Sodium - - Leached from the soil/seawater


Triple distilled water is commonly use for vert critical application, Lab and Hospital, Sensitive  instrument, ace shuttle boards, circuits, sensitive parts & devices used in plane and ships control rooms instrument and for other applications. The presence of foreign ions commonly found in tap or low quality distilled water will drastically kill life of instruments and formulas. 

Distillation Process

Distillation is a technique in which the different components of the mixtures are separated out on the basis of their boiling point difference or in scientific terminologies the separation technique which is based on the relative volatility differences. In simplest form of distillation the mixture of different components is inserted into the distillation column/chamber and heat is provided to the mixture due to which the temperature of the mixture at particular pressure rises and the component having the lowest boiling point among them start to boil and forms vapors. The vapor formed is of that particular pure component having pure composition are further condensed to the liquid form and collected as a pure component. The component left behind is the pure component of the second substance present in that mixture which was having the higher boiling point or lesser relative volatility. In this way, the water along with the impurities is heated up in the distillation column. Water being the more volatile component rises to form vapors and is condensed to get the pure water leaving behind  salts, ions and other impurities.


Triple Distilled Water 13 Stages Process


AQUA ONE 100% Steam Triple Distilled Water imade by laboratory glassware batch distillation to guarantee ultra-pure water.


Stage 1: Water is forced through Woven Particulate Filters to remove sediment down to 1 micron.


Stage 2:  After particle filtration water passes through granular Activated Carbon Filtration to remove organics gases and odor.


Stage 3: After Activated Carbon Filtration water passes through Water Softeners to remove magnesium and calcium ions.


Stage 4: The feed water is then forced through a Reverse Osmosis Membrane at very high pressure to create a superior quality water which is already as low as 100 ppm.


Stage 5:  After Reverse Osmosis process water stored in very high HD PP tanks.


Stage 6: Stored Water Filter by 1 micron Absolute filter and .05 Micron Carbon Block to remove contaminant and odor.


Stage 7: After this filtration process water inters in Distiller  1  Which can produce  hundreds of cubic meters steam which will be turn in to water in stainless steel tank NO 1 by cooling

This is single distilled water.


Stage 8:  This single  distilled water will go through from set of mix bed ion filters to trap remaining ions and water will push to Distiller 2.


Stage 9:  Distiller 2 will  remove  remaining ions of heavy metals, Minerals, Organic and non-Organic matters. Again High quality steam will be collected which will turn in to water by cooling and water will be stored in stainless steel Tank NO 2. 


Stage 10: From Tank 2 double Distilled Water Will Possess through set of mix bed resin for removal of any ions left in water.  and water will be stored in Stainless Steel Tank No 3.


Stage 11: From Tank NO 3 Double Distilled Water will be transferred to borosilicate laboratory glassware DISTILLER 3 and batch distilled manually at curtain temperatures under supervision of Senior Certified Distilled Water technician  and collected in 20 Liter Glass Bottles Battery.


Stage 12: This Tripled distilled water Will passes through again set of Di Ionization filters to make it 99.999% pure Tripled Distilled Water.


Stage 13: In This Last and final Stage Tripled Distilled Water Will be Passes through NSF grade Ultra Violet Light which will eliminate E. coli, Coliform bacteria and viruses if any and make water safe and ready to bottle.




Flow diagram of double distilled water process

This is the simple process flow diagram depicting the double distillation process. In this flow diagram, fresh water is obtained from the natural resources and is pumped to the first distillation column where its impurities are removed and the vapors obtained are condensed to pure water in liquid state. This pure water is again pumped to the second distillation column where again the same process is carried out and the water is purified up to maximum possible extent leaving behind the rest of the impurities pure water is obtained as a product.

The diagram here depicts the process and assembly for the distillation of water. In this diagram, the fresh water is taken into the beaker which is placed on the heater. The water is not allowed to be in direct contact with the heater, but the gradual heating is caused by placing it into the sand bath.

The assembly is provided in which the water when reaches at its boiling point the vapors are formed. Thermometer is installed for the regular checks and measurement of the temperature. Vapors containing only water then pass to the condenser in which cold water is injected through the inlet and withdrawn from room outlet. Vapors are condensed in the condenser and are collected into the beaker assembly installed.


Double Distilled Water is available is 3.78, 10, 18.79, 20, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000 & 100000 liters in stainless steel tanks, Pillow Bags, Poly Carbonated & high density polyethylene & liner polyethylene bottles, containers, barrels & totes. 

Glass Bottles are available in  11.35 & 18.79 Liter bottles.

More sizes 500 ml Liters, 1 liter & 1.5 liters will be available soon.













  • Guaranteed Purity: We are so confident about the purity of our distilled water that if you find that the water we provide is any less than 99.9995% pure (5ppm), we will give you a full 100% refund.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: If you are not 100% satisfied with your order upon receipt, simply return it to us within 7 days and receive a full, 100% refund.