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Water Softening Salt

Water Softening Salt




Motron System Saver II Pallets                           Morton Rust & Iron Removal Pallets


Morton System Saver II Pellets are #1 brand.          Morton Rust Remover Pellets are designed

System Saver II contains a patented formula           for use with high iron water.

that can extend softener life. Recommended by        Rust Remover combats issues caused by 

softener manufacturers, AQUA ONE Filtration,          iron  & rust & can remove  15 times more 

Distilled Water Canada & others.                            iron than plain salt.

Based on external laboratory testing of                   This water softener salt pallets are highly

continuous use of System Saver II versus plain        recommended by water softener & filters  

salt over the life of the softener, using hard             manufactures.

water with an average clear-water(ferrous) iron

content of 1.1 parts per million (ppm).


                                      MORTON® POTASSIUM CHLORIDE PELLETS

Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets provide an effortless way to soften your water while reducing sodium and adding potassium to your softened water. Potassium Chloride is 99% sodium-free. Using Potassium Chloride Pellets reduces sodium levels in your softened water and chlorides discharged into the environment. It also provides potassium, an essential nutrient.