Technologies, Products and Services

Technologies, Products and Services


Aeration   Air Stripping Chlorination
Di Alkalization     Di Carbonation     Di Chlorination
Di Gasification    Di Ionization  Di Mineralization
Distillation     EDI      Electrode Ionization
Evaporation   Green sand Filtration  Ion Exchange
Microfiltration Ultrafiltration Nano filtration
Multi-Media Filtration Oil/Water Separation Chemical 
Ozonation  Softening   Ultraviolet Disinfection Services
Reverse Osmosis Ultraviolet TOC Destruction  


24-Hour Emergency Response      
Emergency Water Treatment    Membrane Cleaning     
 All Brand Type Service and installations Montionering  
Water, Resin, Activated Carbon Analysis    
Chlorine, UV light Disinfection and Sanitization    


 Typical Problems Solved

Bacterial Contamination  BOD COD
Color    Corrosion  Dissolved Gases
Dissolved Solids Fouling   Dyes
Energy Recovery    Grease  Hardness
Heat Recovery        Iron      Limestone
Heavy Metals Removal and Recovery   Hydrogen Sulfide  Manganese
Mud   Odor   Oils
Organics  Sediment   Pitting  
Scaling Silica  Staining  
pH    Radon Spotting      
Sulfur Suspended Solids   Taste
Tannins    Total Organic  Carbon
Turbidity   Uranium    
Waste Water Recycle   Waste Reduction  

 Custom Designs

We customize, assemble and install all type of water filtration & treatment systems includes reverse osmosis water filtration system, water softener, Ultra Violet light sanitization & filtration systems for domestic use, restaurants, Coffee Shops, offices, homes, car wash, laundries, labs, heavy & light industries & so many other businesses.

We also install & service commercial & industrial Reverse Osmosis water system, softener, Multi media filters, Di Ionized water systems and special design filtration system for metal fabrication, glass industries & critical applications.

We produce & supply wide range of products relating to the consumption of pure drinking water includes reverse osmosis, antioxidant alkaline water.



As an acknowledged leader in the domestic & commercial water purification systems, we offer:

  • Bacteriological tests and water contaminants.
  • Homeowners using well water: purification products and installation requirements.
  • Hard water and soft water problems and benefits.
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment and removal of water impurities.


AQUA ONE Filtration Inc. (in partnership with a first-rate water testing laboratory) is able to analyses and give a detailed profile of the quality and properties of your water samples including levels of Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Sodium, Fluoride, Chloride, Aluminum, Iron, Sulfate, Trace Chlorinated Pesticides, Lead, Ethanol, and many other contaminants and impurities.


  • Concerning all type of water concerns includes hard, bad taste water, with odor, color, iron and cloudy appearance (turbidity).


  • Supply of all type of filter cartridges for domestic, commercial & industrial water purification & filtration systems.
  • Inspect, maintain, and repair domestic, commercial & industrial water purification & filtration systems.
  • Monitor and install regular filter cartridges changes in accordance with product specifications.
  • Remind our customers when their filters cartridges are due for replacement.


  • Our prices are very competitive.
  •  Our customers are guaranteed the best service & quality materials.                                                                           

Drinking, Medical & Lab grade Water Production & Supply

           Drinking Water

  • Reverse osmosis water
  • Alkaline, Antioxidant high pH water
  • Spring water

         Distilled Water

  • 100 % steam distilled water
  • 100% double distilled water

         Di Ionized Water

  • Di Ionized water Type 1+:  Very high quality purified water mostly used is hospital & medicals labs for blood & other analysis.
  • Di Ionized water type 1:  Purest water for critical applications & use.
  • Di Ionized water Type 2: Less critical applications & use
  • Di Ionized water type 3: Lens or laser cleaning and so many other applications.